For the conversion plate most suited to you, we recommend:-


1) - Measure the existing ceiling hole and add 20mm minimum. (for extra coverage, more can be added).


2) - Round the measurement up to the next standard exterior size in mm's. This forms the first 3 digits of the part number


3) - The next set of digits in the part number is the cut-out (in mm's). If the required cut out is larger than 93mm, please see our custom options.


4) - Measure the face diameter of the light fitting. if it is 110mm or less, the option of the central locating pressing is available and forms the third set of digits in the part number. If it is not required it is omitted.


5) - The last 2 letters determine the colour - GW for Gloss White and SW for Satin White.

A 180/93/110/GW has a central locating pressing, a 180/93/GW does not.

The external diameter, cut-out, and colour are the same.