Information required.


  • Existing ceiling hole diameter.
  • Recommended cut-out diameter of your new light.
  • Diameter across the face of the new light.
  • Preferred colour (Gloss or Satin). 






Downlight Conversion Plates.

Standard conversion plates are manufactured for White downlights requiring a 90mm cut-out and have a face diameter of 110mm or less. There are 7 different sizes and can cover ceiling holes up to 270mm in diameter. Made from high quality 5005 Aluminium and are available in Gloss White or Satin White to match your light fittings. Retained in position with 3 Stainless Steel torsion springs for an even and secure fit. Outside edges are turned up for extra strength and to minimise gaps in uneven ceilings. A pressing is formed to accurately locate the downlights in the centre of the plate. We also have a range of conversion plates for downlights requiring a larger cut-out or having a larger face diameter and we can custom make them to your requirements.      

Exterior Sizes - 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, 225mm, 250mm, 275mm, 300mm.


Colour Options - Gloss White (GW) and Satin White (SW)