Blanking Plates.




150 mm

180 mm

210 mm

225 mm

250 mm

275 mm

300 mm

  • We manufacture a range of 7 standard exterior diameters from 150mm to 300mm.
  • Gloss White and Satin White are made from high quality 5005 Aluminium sheet.
  • Retained in position with high tensile Stainless Steel torsion springs.



Gloss White

Satin White




Blanking plates are a quick, cheap and effective way to cover holes in ceilings walls and bulkheads. They can also be used over existing holes where down lights are no longer wanted. They can also be used to mount smoke detectors, cameras or pendant lights in the holes where downlights used to be. Also as a tool to temporarily cover holes left by removing old downlights and before fitting the new ones. They prevent rodents, insects, insulation, dust and draughts from entering the room.